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​ReFlections September 2016

Paradigm shifts: RGA explores underwriting HIV/AIDS and patient-generated health data.

​Innovation: Wellness, wearables, and universal truths

For insurers, the only truly poor wellness strategy is no wellness strategy. Five strategic questions to consider from RGA’s Richard Verdin.

​A Guide to Simplified Underwriting

Learn the advantages and associated risks of simplified underwriting.

Voluntary Solutions

Amid rising costs and evolving needs, how can group insurers improve their competitive position – and protect profitability?

International Health Briefs - Radiosurgery

Better understand the safety, efficacy and insurance implications of radiosurgery.

​Pressure is Strong on Group Life and LTD Maximums for Cases of Fewer than 200 Lives

Is underwriting pressure on group carriers for rich benefits on the rise in the small case marketplace? RGA explains noteable group life and long-term disability trends.

​​ReFlections May 2016

ReFlections contains articles of interest to both underwriters and medical directors.

International Health Briefs Genetic Information

Genetic tests are creating important considerations for insurers – especially in underwriting and claims.

​Genetic Testing

Will consumer behavior change as genetic testing becomes more accessible?

​What if Everyone Had Easy Access to Medical Records?

RGA explores the implications of democratising health records.


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