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Zika Virus - The Insurance Perspective

Need to know more about Zika virus in the Americas? RGA clarifies the science.

​ReFlections January 2016​

This issue of ReFlections addresses the history and intricacies of Critical Illness product development and more.

Asia Senior Markets: More opportunities than challenges?

Asia’s rapidly expanding senior markets present a broad range of potential opportunities and challenges.

​International Health Briefs - Robotic Surgery​​​

RGA’s Global Support Team examines expanding use of surgical robots and underwriting, claims and pricing implications.

​Solvenc​y II: Change Brings Opportunity​​​​​​

12 case studies illustrate how reinsurance with RGA can help companies navigate Solvency II and a changing regulatory landscape.

Life Insurance Product Development Innovation and Optimization

RGA reviews findings from its first global product development survey of life insurers.

​Pseudodementia: An Insurable Condition?

Pseudodementia poses a challenge for underwriters when determining insurability. This article distinguishes it from true dementia.

​Wellness Programs

Wellness programs are gaining popularity as healthcare providers try to lower the costs associated with chronic diseases, employers strive for a healthy workforce, and individuals become motivated to take control of their own health.


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