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Economic Capital for LTC for “One in 200” Events

RGA discusses identifying the economic capital impact of 1-in-200 events on a company's long-term care book of business.

​Lapses in Australia and Canada – half a world apart, or two sides of the same coin?

RGA’s Martyn Gilling identifies common retention trends facing term insurance markets in Australia and Canada. Will design modifications in one benefit the other?

​The Obese-Asthma Phenotype​​​

RGA explores the connection between asthma, obesity and higher morbidity and implications for insurers.

ReFlections Fall 2015​

Newly redesigned, ReFlections addresses the 'new frontier' of Hepatitis C, the Quantified Self and more.

Life Insurers Face New Health Threats

RGA Vice President and Medical Director Dr. Daniel Zimmerman explores the implications of emerging and re-emerging health risks in A.M. Best.

​Updates in Cerebrovascular Disease​​​

RGA’s Dr. Dave Rengachary investigates the complex challenges involved in underwriting stroke.

International Health Briefs - Hepatitis C​​​​

RGA’s Colin Weston discusses advances in Hepatitis C treatment and implications for insurers in International Health Briefs.

​The Future of Underwriting - It is Nearly Here!

Imagine a time when accurate medical records are available instantly, and underwriting is faster, cheaper and better. Is that future almost here?

​Solvenc​y II: Change Brings Opportunity​​​​​​

12 case studies illustrate how reinsurance with RGA can help companies navigate Solvency II and a changing regulatory landscape.

​Selling Life Insurance Successfully to the HNWI Market​​

​One of the most vibrant and fastest-growing insurance market niches worldwide is the market for high-face-amount universal life (UL) insurance products.


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