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Electronic Health Records Data Webcast: Are You Ready?​​​​​

RGA discusses Electronic Health Records with respect to life insurance, current initiatives, and strategies for data utilization.

​Marijuana: Not Just Blowing Smoke

As more governments liberalize cannabis regulations, the mortality and morbidity impacts of this drug as well as its potential benefits when used for medicinal purposes will be of great interest to the insurance industry.

​Anticipating Infectious Disease Impacts in an Increasingly Globalized World​​

New infectious diseases are emerging faster today than ever before. What tools are available to help the insurance industry better plan for and respond to tomorrow’s inevitable epidemics?

​​Quantified Wellness – Wearable Technology Usage and Market Summary​

Wearable technology and medical devices are becoming more common, and their capabilities are expanding.

​ReFlections: Spring 2015

This issue of ReFlections highlights RGA's global operations.

Life Insurance Product Development Innovation and Optimization

RGA reviews findings from its first global product development survey of life insurers.

​A Crossroad Awaits in India

RGA's Mr. Amit Punchhi examines the elements that are contributing to the slowing down of the Indian life market’s growth.

​Pseudodementia: An Insurable Condition?

Pseudodementia poses a challenge for underwriters when determining insurability. This article distinguishes it from true dementia.

​Wellness Programs

Wellness programs are gaining popularity as healthcare providers try to lower the costs associated with chronic diseases, employers strive for a healthy workforce, and individuals become motivated to take control of their own health.

​The Predictive Nature of Credit Data for Mortality Webcast​

Tune in to this webcast to learn about the results of the study as well as the potential applications of this data in lead generation, risk selection and in-force management.


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