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Alka Gautam
President and Chief Executive Officer
About RGA Canada

Innovative, attentive and responsive – these three guiding principles are the foundation of our success and have led RGA Canada to become one of the leading life reinsurers in Canada. We are focused on building strong client relationships and on providing our valued partners with excellent customer service. RGA operates in Canada through its wholly owned subsidiary, RGA
Life Reinsurance Company of Canada.
A Market Leader
RGA is a market leader in Canada, conducting business with virtually every life insurance company in the country. In NMG Consulting’s 2013 Business Capability Index Survey, RGA Canada was ranked first overall, for the fifth consecutive study. The 2013 study also rated RGA Canada first across all key business segments including individual life, individual living benefits, group life and health, and across the core functional areas of business development, underwriting and claims. Additionally, RGA Canada wrote the leading share of individual life recurring new business for the seventh consecutive year in this key market, maintaining its approximate one-third Canadian market share. RGA Canada’s share of critical illness reinsurance, estimated at one-third of the market, supports more than 50% of the companies active in this sector.
Innovative Solutions
RGA introduced quota-share reinsurance in Canada, which helped move the market away from excess amount insurance. The shift to quota-share reinsurance contributed to the growth of the life reinsurance market in Canada, where today more than 65% of all new individual life risk is reinsured, up from less than 15% in 1992. More recently, we have placed the first longevity transaction in Canada and have diversified successfully into living benefit protections.

RGA Canada continues to leverage RGA’s global experience, creative solution-building and technical knowledge as a resource for our valued clients and to assist them in delivering customized, innovative solutions to financial issues via corporate-level transactions.
World’s Leading Facultative Underwriter
When it comes to facultative reinsurance, RGA is the worldwide leader. As a global organization, RGA reviewed more than 580,000 cases in 2013, and has received more than 6 million cases since 1979.
e-Underwriting Tools
RGA offers innovative e-Underwriting Solutions developed by our underwriting, business and technology experts to help your organization underwrite better, faster and with greater consistency. Our flagship underwriting product, AURA, has the strongest underwriting rules engine on the market, with thousands of underwriting rules covering impairments, medications, sports, prescription drug histories, avocations and treatments. We also offer AURA Hosted, which is particularly effective at removing barriers in bringing simplified-issue solutions to market. It can be implemented quickly, securely and easily in almost any environment.
Hands-On Training for Client Underwriters and Actuaries
At RGA Canada, we believe in the power of shared knowledge. When you partner with us, we will help your underwriters and actuaries stay abreast of the latest knowledge, research and trends through conferences and training opportunities, including RGA’s Global Underwriting Learning Framework (GULF). We also share our insight and expertise through webcasts, newsletters, white papers and articles.
Advancing the Canadian Insurance Industry
For many years, RGA Canada’s leaders have demonstrated their commitment to the growth and success of the insurance industry in Canada by assuming leadership roles in a number of industry organizations. In 2013, RGA Canada continued to support the insurance industry in Canada through participation and leadership roles across a number of industry bodies, including the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, the Society of Actuaries and the International Actuarial Association. RGA associates in Canada also participated on many industry task forces and committees.
These roles and activities underscore RGA’s dedication and commitment to the continued health and growth of the insurance industry in Canada, and demonstrate our respect for and support of the industry’s leading governing bodies.
As a Canadian life reinsurer we are regulated by the federal Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI).
We invite you to contact us to find out how we can create customized reinsurance solutions for your business – whether you want to bring a new product to market, improve the performance of an existing product or better manage your risk and capital through financial solutions.


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