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Tony Cheng
Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia
Senior Vice President, Head of Asia

About RGA Hong Kong and Southeast Asia
RGA Hong Kong and Southeast Asia has become a dominant player in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia in less than two decades by making a commitment to our clients through:
  • Developing the most innovative products in the marketplace.
  • Adopting a competitive pricing strategy.
  • Providing the best client service in the region.
Today, we serve about 75 clients in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.
We were ranked #1 in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia for new individual business market share, and Business Capability Index, by the NMG Life and Health Reinsurance Programme (2011-12). We also were named “Life Reinsurer of the Year” by the Asia Insurance Industry Awards in 2008 and 2012.
Comprehensive Products and Services
RGA offers a comprehensive line of products and services including individual life reinsurance, individual living benefits reinsurance, individual health reinsurance and group reinsurance. We support our clients in a number of ways, including:
  • Serving predominantly private bank customers in the Asian region through RGA Hong Kong’s responsibility for RGA International Corporation's High Net Worth (HNW) Initiative. During 2012, we were the leading reinsurer for all 12 Asian Life insurers who reinsure externally in the HNW market.
  • Helping clients enter the bancassurance market or increase bancassurance market share. 
  • Supporting our clients across the region to develop and successfully launch different variations of innovative critical illness products to meet market needs. RGA is the leader in protection product development, in particular, the latest generations of multi-stage and multi-pay critical illness product development.
  • Creating a health reinsurance team to support the growing individual health insurance segment in some developing Southeast Asian countries. 

RGA tailors products and underwriting solutions to help clients grow their business through bancassurance, telemarketing and direct marketing distribution channels. We also specialize in data analytics, and through our experience, help enhance the effectiveness of sales process and upsell/cross-sell programs to maximize the value of our clients’ in-force customers. 

Innovative e-Underwriting Solutions
RGA offers innovative e-Underwriting Solutions developed to help clients underwrite better, faster and with greater consistency. Our flagship underwriting product, AURA  has:

  • The strongest underwriting rules engine on the market, and a database of more than 20,000 underwriting rules including impairments, medications, prescription drug histories, sports, avocations and treatments.
  • A turn-key product called AURA Hosted, which is particularly effective at removing barriers in bringing simplified-issue solutions to market. It can be implemented quickly, securely and easily in almost any environment.
Global Financial Solutions
RGA, with its insights and experience in addressing complex transactions, delivers effective financial solutions to support our clients in meeting regulatory requirements, while providing capital for growth and improved return on equity. We offer financial solutions expertise to help our clients manage their risk and capital through capital-motivated reinsurance and asset-intensive/annuity reinsurance.
We specialize in supporting family retakaful through RGA Labuan’s Retakaful Window under the guidance of our Shariah Council and our experienced local leadership team.
Hands-On Training for Client Underwriters and Actuaries
We believe in the power of shared knowledge. When you partner with us, we will help your underwriters and actuaries stay abreast of the latest knowledge, research and trends through conferences and training opportunities including the Global Underwriting Learning Framework (GULF). We also share our insight and expertise through newsletters, webcasts, white papers and articles. Visit RGA's Knowledge Center.
Advancing the Hong Kong and Southeast Asia Insurance Industry
We have a strong commitment to the growth and success of the Hong Kong and Southeast Asia insurance industry through memberships and training efforts. In 2012, RGA Hong Kong and Southeast Asia offered numerous training seminars, presented at over six industry conferences and provided sponsorships for various conferences and award programs.
Our experts are members of numerous Hong Kong and Southeast Asia insurance-related organizations:
  • Tony Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of RGA Hong Kong, served as President of the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong in 2008. Tony is now the Chairperson of the Experience Committee.
  • Peter Tan, General Manager of RGA Hong Kong, is a member of the Education Committee of the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong. Peter also served as Executive Director of the Thai Life Assurance Association and as Director of the Thai Canadian Chamber of Commerce.
  • Carmony Wong, Head of Underwriting Business Development, Asia was elected committee member of the Hong Kong Underwriting and Claims Association.
We invite you to contact us to learn more about how we can meet your reinsurance needs – whether you want to bring a new product to market, improve the performance of an existing product or better manage your risk and capital through financial solutions.


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