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About RGA Japan

RGA began operating in Japan in 1995 as a representative office in Tokyo. In 2003, RGA was the first foreign-based life reinsurance company to be granted a full license to operate in Japan. Today, RGA Japan has a team of more than 70 associates and has become the market-leading life reinsurer in Japan in 21 years.
Comprehensive Products and Services
We offer a comprehensive line of products and services including individual life reinsurance and individual living benefits reinsurance, such as critical illness, long-term care and disability. We also offer group reinsurance, providing coverage for life and health. RGA Japan is also a pioneer for innovative solutions including Capital-Motivated reinsurance and Asset-Intensive/Annuity Reinsurance. In addition, we are recognized for our expertise in product development and facultative underwriting. We also support bancassurance and offer e-Underwriting Solutions.
World’s Leading Facultative Underwriter
When it comes to facultative reinsurance, RGA is the worldwide leader. As a global organization, RGA reviewed more than 500,000 cases in 2014 and has received nearly 5 million cases since 1979. Also, In Japan we are the leading facultative underwriting provider, reviewing over 70,000 cases in 2015. RGA Japan continues to process a new record of facultative cases.

e-Underwriting Tools
RGA offers sophisticated e-Underwriting Solutions developed by experts in underwriting, business and technology to help your organization underwrite better, faster and with greater consistency. Our e-Underwriting Solutions are easy to use, easy to implement and use proven technologies to keep your environment stable and your data secure.
RGA rules, which are built into RGA tools, have been uniquely developed for the Japan market by our Japanese-experienced underwriters. Each tool can be tailored for your organization’s use – acknowledging your unique approach, your distribution, your products and your target market.
Client Seminars and Training
RGA Japan holds large-scale industry seminars and training sessions with various themes for our clients. 
We invite you to contact us to learn more about how we can meet your reinsurance needs.



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