AURA e-Underwriting Solutions
Introducing AURA® 15.1, an automated underwriting solution powered by RGA’s underwriting expertise

AURA has been a core part of RGA’s offering since 2001.  It was originally developed and marketed as a tool to speed and simplify the underwriting of life insurance. Since then, AURA has expanded into a global multi-function solution that provides straight-through e-underwriting and management for more than three million life, health and annuity applications annually.

AURA 15.1 is the result of several years of research and development, including:

  • Newly architected rules service that will facilitate more complex multi-variate decisions
  • New web-based rules administration tools
  • A new set of business intelligence capabilities


What is AURA?
AURA is a global leader in automated underwriting. It packages RGA’s unparalleled underwriting experience and knowledge into technology that is fast, flexible and reliable. AURA quickly approves “clean” cases and routes more difficult cases to your underwriters for review. With a more streamlined underwriting process, your company can realize significant improvements in underwriting times and expense.
With AURA, you can:
  • Sell more insurance
  • Understand your business in real time
  • Reduce cost
  • Enable efficient and consistent underwriting
  • Capture valuable Management Information (MI) 

When you choose RGA, your organization gets significant industry expertise built into all of our solutions. AURA has more than 50 clients across 17 countries in 10 languages.
You can be confident when you are backed by RGA.


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