Individual Living Benefits​ Reinsurance​​​
In addition to mortality risk, individuals across the globe face risks from the impact of serious illness, the loss of the ability to work, frailty in old age and the increased proportion of expected life that is spent in retirement.

RGA is actively helping its clients design solutions to help individuals address these needs – under the overarching umbrella of "living benefits." Different markets have responded to these challenges in different ways, but the solutions can generally be divided into five main categories: health, critical illness, disability income, long-term care and longevity insurance.

The demand for living benefits continues to grow due in part to demographic changes, medical advances, and changes in the respective roles of the government, employer and individual in the provision of support from life-changing events. As one of the world's largest reinsurers with extensive mortality and morbidity databases, RGA understands how medical and lifestyle factors affect life expectancy and morbidity trends.

We are well-positioned to help you manage the risks associated with insuring living benefits and can assist you with the development of new products to successfully compete in this growth market.

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