This calculator will establish a reasonable amount of insurance for estate protection by growing the current estate (assets - liabilities) at 4% at 1/2 the life expectancy and allowing 55% of the result for estate taxes and final expenses.


To use this calculator, enter the variables: age, gender, smoker status, rating, flat extra, and current net worth.


*denotes a default value. Change to fit your criteria.

Gender: *
Smoker: *
No. tables to add? (STD = 0)
Flat Extra: *
Years of FLTX? (Perm = 99) *
Net Worth: $
Interest Rate (in %): *
Life Expectancy: (X Years/2)
Net Worth After X Years: $
55% (Tax Insurance Amount) $
Expected Future Lifetime: (STD)
5 Years Survival Rate: (STD)
Expected Future Lifetime:
5 Year Survival Rate: