Welcome to our third quarter issue of EMEA Quarterly. In this edition, we bring you recent and relevant information that has a bearing on your markets in our region. To begin with, I was honored to be asked again by SoMe magazine to share my thoughts on the most important trends shaping our industry, and to publish them here with SoMe’s kind permission, as described in Don’t Just Follow Trends, Anchor Them in Your Business Model.

Responding to these trends does not mean brainstorming new ideas; the “brainstorming” model is ineffective for true and timely innovation. We don’t need new ideas, we need new hypotheses that can be conceived, tested, validated and implemented quickly to create new opportunities. In Life Design Sprints: Beat the Brainstorming Blues, Jonathan Hughes of RGAX EMEA describes a fast, effective way to leverage expertise in a powerful way.

While technology is helping us in reaching new customers, we’re not just advancing in our understanding of technology, but also in our understanding of human thought processes, as shared in Talk to Me: How Personalized Persuasion Could Enhance Protection Offerings and Reduce Underinsurance, by Matt Battersby, Chief Behavioral Scientist in RGA’s U.K. office.

An idea or product doesn’t have to be new in order to represent a fresh opportunity; sometimes it’s a matter of the time being right. In Middle East Update: Credit Life Market, Tamer Saher, Director of Business Development in RGA’s Middle East office, describes the emerging role this fundamental product is playing in the region’s expanding markets.

Similarly, the Spanish economy and regulations are changing, and providing an opportunity for properly structured life annuities. Juan de Ipiña, Director of Business Development for EMEA Global Financial Services (GFS) in RGA’s Spain and Portugal office, offers his thoughts on how this may be accomplished in How Can Insurers Build Demand for Life Annuities…and What About the Offer?

Our focus shouldn’t just be on new customers, of course. We also need to make the most of how we serve those customers. In Who Has Your Back?, RGA’s Chief Pricing Actuary in South Africa, Neil Parkin, explains how case management is the most important benefit of disability income insurance.

As always, we are grateful for your continued support and business. Our EMEA region is on track for another successful year, and we know this is possible because of the trust you place in us. We are eager to continue to earn that trust and to do our part in helping you to succeed.

Olav Cuiper

Executive Vice President, Head of EMEA
RGA International Reinsurance Company dac

September 2018