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For the Good of the Industry:
Join Us for the 7th Annual RGA Fraud Conference

You’re invited to attend the premier cross-disciplinary conference for anyone tasked with fighting insurance fraud.

For two days, experts from a number of industries and professionals from across the country come together in St. Louis with one shared purpose: combatting fraud.  If you focus on underwriting, claims, actuarial, legal, special investigations, or other insurance-related areas, this conference is meant for you. And, for the good of the industry, RGA charges no fees for this event.

Event Videos and Presentations

Please note access to RGA Central is required to watch Fraud videos or download presentations. For instructions to register, please click here. 


Shades of Fraud: An Actuary’s Call

Con artists and unscrupulous agents can go to extraordinary lengths; what can actuaries do to stop them?
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Lieutenant Columbo’s Lessons for Detecting Insurance Fraud

Four lessons from a fictional detective could help real-life underwriters protect the industry.
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How Demographics and Attitudes Impact Insurance Fraud

Explore the Q&A with the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud’s Matthew Smith. 
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Fraud Protection

Awareness and vigilance are essential tools to battle fraudulent claims.
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All in the Family: Detecting Community Fraud

How can insurance fraud by itinerant clans and family groups be reduced, and even prevented?
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RGA Global Claims Fraud Survey

Fraud is one of the constant challenges facing claims professionals around the world. 
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Investigating Life Insurance Fraud and Abuse

To better understand fraud, RGA surveyed insurers and researched trends. 
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