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RGA is always delighted when you're able to join us at our special events. 

Here is some important information about the evening:

Where is the AGO? How do I get there?

The AGO is on the south side of Dundas West between Beverley and McCaul.

Click here for further information.

What are we doing?

Eating the North, basking in some of the most astounding art known to humanity, exploring some pretty cool brain-challenging activations.

You know, your typical Thursday night in Toronto. 

When does the event start and end so we can plan our evening?

6 - 11PM. Food and beverage service will be available from 6 -10:45PM.

Tours of the Rubens exhibition will be available throughout the evening starting at 7PM.

Early birds, please note: the AGO will not admit you to the gallery until 6 p.m. for security reasons.


What about public transit? And is there parking?

TTC: St. Patrick Subway Station, or the Dundas Streetcar

Parking: Valet (and yes, it's free!). To use it, you must head EAST on Dundas towards University and pull up in front of the main gallery doors.

Is there a dress code?

Smart Casual

Is there a coat check?

Yes, but please note neither RGA nor the AGO is liable for your property if lost or stolen.

I have significant dietary requirements or a severe food allergy.

If you did *not* provide this information with your RSVP, contact Mari-Anne Ramson at or 416.682.0013 immediately. We prefer to kill you with kindness, not your dinner.