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Technovate On-Demand Miniseries:
A 360 View –
From Finances to Physical

As consumers’ physical, mental, and financial wellbeing are becoming more closely tied than ever before, insurers want to find new ways to engage their current policy holders as well as new markets.  And they are looking to help customers not only manage, but also improve, their entire wellbeing.

This three-part miniseries explores some of these avenues through the lens of a startup, big tech and an 
insurance carrier.


Episode 1: The Startup

Episode 2: The Big Tech

Dennis Barnes (RGA) and Alon Shem-Tov ( discuss how technology is being used to address the ever-changing preventative health and wellbeing landscape.

Length: 19:33

Peter Rodes (RGA) and Clarke Rodgers (Amazon Web Services) talk about coupling an innovation mindset and frictionless customer experience to move the needle in a space where consumers are clearly willing to invest their money in, personal well-being.

Length: 23:24 



Episode 3: The Insurance Carrier

Anil Sanwal (RGA) and Tetsuya Morito (Sompo Holdings) have a conversation on how the industry can prepare for the tsunami of aging we are facing around the world and what is being done to meet the needs of the “super aging” society of Japan.

Length: 13:22