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France and Belgium
RGA International Reinsurance Company dac
Branch Office for France


Cormac Galvin
Cormac Galvin

Senior Vice President, Business Development
RGA U.K. and Ireland
Head of Business Development
Global Financial Solutions U.K. 

Cormac Galvin is Senior Vice President, Business Development, U.K. and Ireland, and also serves as Head of Business Development for Global Financial Solutions (GFS) in the U.K. 

Prior to joining RGA, Cormac worked in investment banking at the Royal Bank of Scotland, where he focused on structuring and marketing solutions for insurers across Europe and Asia; in private banking at AIAC where he managed the actuarial team; and in insurance at Aviva, where he began his career in 1997. Cormac is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (FIA).


  • Eve-Laure Tascon
    Chief Underwriter
    Head of Claims
    RGA France
  • Gurvan Le Rhun
    Head of Pricing
    RGA France
  • Nicolas Fabreguettes
    Head of Finance
    RGA France
  • Miguel María
    Administration Manager
    France & Spain
    RGA France / Sucursal en España