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Managing Post-Level Term Experience

Learn more about the results of two recently published reports, “Report on the Lapse and Mortality Experience of Post-Level Premium Period Term Plans (2014)”, sponsored by the Society of Actuaries, and “Report on the Survey of Post-Level Premium Period Lapse and Mortality Assumptions for Level Premium Term Plans (2013)”.

These reports show the impact of policyholder behavior on post-level term experience and provide information about product designs, pricing assumptions and strategies for managing this experience. 

If you would like to discuss this webcast further please e-mail us at: CMSTeam@rgare.comContact RGA's research team to learn more about post-term lapsecustomer engagement, and insurance. 

The Presenters

  • Timothy L. Rozar
    Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff to the CEO
  • Derek Kueker
    Vice President and Managing Actuary
    Experience Studies and Analytics, Pricing
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Contact RGA's research team to learn more about post-term lapsecustomer engagement, and insurance.
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