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Motor Vehicle Records and All-Cause Mortality

This webcast features an in-depth discussion of a joint RGA and LexisNexis study that evaluates the protective value of motor vehicle records in life underwriting and quantifies the additional mortality risk of applicants with adverse driving records. In addition to RGA experts, Elliot Wallace, vice president and general manager of Lexis Nexis, appears on this webcast. Mr. Wallace is responsible for developing and implementing the LexisNexis strategy for the life insurance market.

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The Presenters

  • Brendan Galligan
    Executive Vice President
    Alternative Distribution (ret.)
  • Timothy L. Rozar
    Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff to the CEO
  • Mark S. Dion
    Vice President
    Underwriting Education and Training
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  • driver distraction
  • mortality trends
  • motor vehicle records
  • MVR
  • traffic fatality