Welcome to our second EMEA Quarterly newsletter of the year. For many of us the summer holidays are a time to rest and recharge, but we know that we can never completely take our eyes off of the changes happening in our industry. In this issue we are pleased to offer you several articles from RGA subject-matter experts that will keep you informed as you enjoy the summer.

First of all, there is a revolution going on right beneath our feet in the fundamental ways that we handle our financial transactions. In The Blockchain Revolution: Insurance Considerations, Farron Blanc, Vice President, Innovation Studio for RGAx offers a helpful explanation of the efficiencies and security of this disruptive development.

Just as the blockchain represents a new language in finance, Solvency II has changed the language and discussion regarding the efficient use of capital motivated reinsurance. Communicating efficiently is also important as highlighted in Establishing a Common Language for Reinsurance and Capital Management by Paul Sauvé, Senior Vice President, EMEA Global Financial Services.

Of course, one of the reasons we all stay on top of developments is so we can spot opportunities for new products and services. In How Do You Bring New Insurance Products to Market? Five Insights from the Society of Actuaries (SOA) Product Development Survey, Donna Megregian, Vice President and Actuary, Pricing, for U.S. Mortality Markets offers a very useful summary of the findings from the SOA’s timely report.

While it seems as if everything is about change these days, there are still some very fundamental aspects of our business that are as important as ever, as Jaime Correa, as Senior Vice President, U.S. Mortality Markets shares in Why Facultative Matters: Navigating a Changing Underwriting Landscape.

Perhaps summertime and its travel is also an appropriate time to share Innocents Abroad? Steps to Prevent Foreign Death Claim Fraud with you, written by Lucie Cossette, Director of Claims, RGA Canada. As Lucie asks, “Who can resist the lure of the open road and the chance to explore?” Unfortunately, there are those who travel looking for less edifying reasons and her article can help your company protect itself.

Genetics is an ongoing topic of interest in our industry, but our focus may be shifting. Whereas we first thought of genetics in terms of predicting morbidity and mortality, ongoing research allows us to now think of precision medicine that is personally crafted to an individual’s condition and genetic make-up. These and other developments are described in Genetics and the Insurance Industry by Dr. Adela Osman, Chief Medical Research Officer, RGA Reinsurance Company of South Africa Limited.

While there is much that changes, or can change, in our business there is one thing that will always stay the same: RGA’s success is founded on your success, and I am always grateful for your ongoing support and confidence.

Olav Cuiper

Executive Vice President, Head of EMEA
RGA International Reinsurance Company dac

July 2017