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AURA Library


AURA is more than an automated underwriting tool; it is a way to sell more insurance, enter new markets, and open new distribution channels. Learn how companies have benefited from AURA in our case study library and reference our brochures for more on AURA's many advantages.  

AURA Case Studies
Aegon UK needed an automated underwriting solution that could best cover its product range. The right solution would also have to effectively and efficiently translate Aegon’s own underwriting philosophy into consistent, correct decisions ... 

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After reviewing its internal processes, Benesure discovered that having a third party perform its underwriting function was creating a significant bottleneck …

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Birla Sun Life Insurance (BSLI) made the strategic decision to grow its market share through various new distribution methods. Did BSLI have the ability to handle the increase in applications?

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Magocoro believed that term life and hospital cash products would sell well if they were priced correctly, offered online and underwritten quickly. The keys to profitability would be implementation of an efficient straight-through processing system…

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As a leading financial services provider in New Zealand, Sovereign saw an opportunity to expand. Successfully tapping into the broader middle-market and larger face amounts, however, meant ensuring MyLife’s application and approval process was simple and fast via straight-through processing… 

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AURA Brochures

AURA is an automated underwriting solution powered by RGA’s underwriting expertise. Learn about AURA's benefits and watch how AURA works. 

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AURA starts with RGA’s industry-leading underwriting rules and expertise. These rules are continuously updated, based on RGA’s medical, actuarial and research expertise, to reflect the latest information and best practices. AURA rules give you the flexibility and precision you need to succeed. 

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