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AURA services are consumed by our customers from AWS public cloud hosting facilities.

Public cloud hosting has changed the way organizations approach availability and Disaster Recovery (DR). 

Traditionally, DR has involved a primary and secondary data center in a geographically dispersed region. When the primary fails, and a disaster is declared, services would be made available at the secondary facility to restore services.

With AWS hosted workloads the key AURA applications that could negatively impact a customer’s business operations during an outage use a highly available configuration within one AWS region. That region contains multiple data centers called Availability Zones (AZs) in geographically dispersed areas, on different floodplains, weather patterns, power grids, HVACs, etc. AURA services are all load-balanced across multiple AZs, and AURA is set up in an Active / Active high availability model. Further, AURA takes advantage of cloud auto-scaling capabilities to handle peak loads and utilizes self-healing technologies.