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AURA is Expert

Technology is everywhere, but expertise is exclusive. AURA is fueled by the market-leading underwriting knowledge of RGA, one of the largest global life and health reinsurers in the world.

Think of AURA as your “underwriting brain”. More than a technology company, we are experts in solving underwriting problems. Our platform allows you to leverage our expertise in question design, incorporating behavioral and statistical insights. amd AURA draws on RGA’s deep experience in underwriting risks using data analysis, predictive models, rule design, and much more.

  • Partner with a company that is built to last. AURA pioneered the automated underwriting solution market with its launch in 2001. After other software companies have since entered and exited this space, we remain at the forefront, committed to delivering future-focused technology powered by unparalleled life and health underwriting expertise.
  • Put RGA's expertise to work for you. Beyond underwriting knowledge, AURA features the product and market experience of our RGA team of experts, who are global leaders in mortality risk. When you invest in AURA, you ensure your access to the world’s deepest life insurance expertise.
  • Get more out of your underwriting. AURA’s data visualization insights, powered by AURA Business Intelligence, provides meaningful metrics and key performance indicators to help enable more effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making. AURA (BI) contains full data extracts, standards, traditional reports, and data visualization tools that allow your company to:
    • Refine underwriting rules,
    • Monitor demographics,
    • Analyze trends,
    • Monitor decision frequency,
    • Maintain decision quality,
    • Track new business, and more

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