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It's a simple, but powerful, idea: Reinsurance is one of the most flexible risk and financial management tools. It should be considered alongside traditional capital instruments and corporate actions.

How Can We Help at Your Product Life Cycle Stage?

RGA pioneered the use of reinsurance as a financial management and portfolio optimizing tool, and we remain a leading provider of such solutions around the world. Please identify your need to explore a range of options.

  • Grow (Build Value)
  • Optimize (Enhance Value)
  • Protect (Maintain Value)
  • Monetize (Harvest Value)

Grow (Build Value)

  • Finance new business strain
  • Acquisition support
  • Increase the competitiveness of products

Finance capital strain by advancing future profits or by reducing redundant reserving or capital requirements associated with new business


Support acquisition activity by providing temporary or permanent capital, sharing in risk, or ceding off unwanted pieces of acquired business


Improve rates offered to policyholder through the use of coinsurance.

Optimize (Enhance Value)

  • Re-capitalize after unexpected financial stress
  • Manage accounting volatility
  • Minimize cost of capital
  • Optimize cost of capital

Provide temporary or permanent capital to shore up capital and RBC ratios 


Use reinsurance to stabilize statutory or GAAP income


Reinsurance as a tool to provide a flexible, low-cost source of capital


Improve returns on capital and other ratios for existing business through the use of reinsurance or other capital solutions 

Protect (Maintain Value)

  • Transfer of longevity risk
  • Transfer asset/market risks in addition to biometric risk

Provide coverage for longevity risk for protection on existing in force business


Manage exposure to investment risks or access investment capabilities of RGA through coinsurance or longevity solutions

Monetize (Harvest Value)

  • Sale of legal entity

Fully exit a line of business by divesting a legal entity

Every RGA 
transaction is highly tailored and the product of an information-sharing process designed to help clients achieve their objectives. In the Product Life Cycle grid above:

  • The ‘Grow’ phase reflects the launch and early sales of a new product and how reinsurance can be used to support the costs and unknowns of how well it is received by the market.
  • The ‘Optimize’ phase occurs when insurers seek to enhance the product’s value by, for example, lowering the cost of the capital necessary to support the scaled business.
  • Companies in the ‘Protect’ phase devote more attention to reducing uncertainty surrounding the value of the business.
  • The ‘Monetize’ phase occurs when clients exit the business by crystalizing the value they’ve built generating capital to invest into higher value priorities.
While it may be useful to consider how insurers' objectives and constraints typically evolve as their businesses mature, every organization is unique and many of these financial management techniques can be applied regardless of a given Life Cycle phase, particularly when deployed in combination.


Our Solutions

Our understanding of each client's specific capital and investment needs, as well as extensive knowledge of local markets and global best practices, uniquely positions RGA to find solutions that improve capital efficiency and promote long-term stability and growth.  

Capital Solutions permit our clients to finance capital requirements more efficiently for their particular product mix and financial metrics.

Asset-Intensive Solutions enable our customers to realize the value embedded within their in-force investment spread business.

Longevity Solutions enable insurers and pension funds to alleviate uncertainty by reducing (and even eliminating) the impact of emerging long-term mortality trends.

Acquisitions Solutions add capabilities and capital to support clients in reaching their goals.  

Our Strengths

Clients can count on RGA’s collaborative approach, ability to deliver on promises, and track record of executing transactions. In fact, our partners choose RGA based on our strength, long-term dedication to the market, and deep expertise. RGA has supported the growth and financial objectives of annuity, life, and health insurers across North America for more than 30 years. Success is a direct result of our ability to understand clients’ particular needs and draw upon our collective expertise and knowledge to implement groundbreaking financial solutions.

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