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Technical Excellence

Underwriters are constantly under pressure to make the right decisions – and make them quickly.


RGA’s deep risk assessment expertise and research-based ratings provide reassurance, consistency, and stability. RGA places the client at the center of our business model. We are vested in your success, competitive in our offers, and relentless in our focus on customizing solutions to meet your needs.

  • RGA offers the operational, quality assurance and auditing experience you need to improve underwriting accuracy and persistency, reduce cost, and streamline your underwriting process.
  • Insurers need confidence that the underwriting manual they use is the right one. With RGA’s Global Underwriting Manual (GUM) , insurers have the power of a recognized global leader with them every step of the way.
  • RGA has always been at the forefront of medical risk assessment. We have  assembled perhaps the most seasoned physician team with life and health insurance medicine experience. RGA’s medical underwriting team spans six continents and dozens of specialties and subspecialties.
  • We are well-equipped to support large-case capacity. We maintain close relationships with a global network of retrocessionaires, which allows us to quickly secure available capacity and place large risks – so you can write more business.  

    Clients can turn to RGA for competitive, world-class underwriting services and insights. Curious? Contact us.