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Facultative Underwriting

Every day, RGA earns our reputation for facultative service that is competitively priced — and delivered with a sense of urgency.  

RGA embraces facultative underwriting as an area of focus. We are the world leader in this form of individual large-case underwriting and substandard risk assessment, receiving more than 8 million cases since 1979.

We offer: 
  • Timely Service and Large-Case Capacity: RGA continues to earn our reputation for informative and comprehensive decisions. We are distinguished by a best-in-class underwriting service, including a first-of-its-kind Facultative Call Desk, and strong relationships with a global network of retrocessionaires, which allow us to to quickly secure available capacity. We can place large risks so our clients can write more business.

  • Automatic Selection and Assessment: RGA's ASAP tool has long been the life underwriter's go-to-solution for submitting minimal information to get immediate decisions on cases with one or two impairments. ASAP is known for yielding competitive offers, even preferred status, for dozens of individual impairments and numerous dual impairments. RGA's ASAP Infinity is a pathway for expedited review of cases with any impairment and any rating at any time. And ASAP Guidelines Overview (ASAP GO) is the underwriter's guide to finding the right fit.

  • Strategic Underwriting: RGA's highly experienced underwriters, medical directors and other technical experts can support key components of a carrier's underwriting program as part of a reinsurance partnership. For years, U.S. carriers have relied on RGA's Strategic Underwriting Program (SUP) to support vital underwriting functions and relieve pressure on teams, systems and budgets. For nearly two decades, SUP has assisted with the placement of tens of billions of dollars of face amount, while equipping carriers to handle more cases without compromising quality. At a time of disruption and transformation, a partnership with RGA provides clients with the flexibility to devote precious resources to profitable business.
  • Exceptional Experience: RGA's U.S. underwriters are among the most experienced in the industry. The team has reviewed more than 100,000 facultative cases per year in 13 of the past 14 years. RGA's leadership position in the life reinsurance ecosystem exposes our team to an expansive variety of impairments and a vast array of evidences and data sources.

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    • Catie Muccigrosso

      Catie Muccigrosso

      Vice President,
      Underwriting Operations

    • David Rengachary

      Dr. Dave Rengachary

      Senior Vice President and 
      Chief Medical Director

      U.S. Mortality Markets
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    • Laars Haaland

      Lars Haaland

      FALU, FLMI
      Vice President, Fac Exclusives Underwriting