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Risk Factors

What does the future hold for actuarial science? Sometimes to move forward we must first look back.

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Sitting, Smoking and Mortality Risk

While a sedentary lifestyle is linked to higher mortality rates, smoking is far more deadly.

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Learn more about a commercial mortgage lender with the strength of a global reinsurer.

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Are you load balanced? 
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Business Development
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RGA manages one of the largest in-force blocks in the life reinsurance industry with approximately $3.3 trillion of life reinsurance in force. The company’s mortality and morbidity databases are among the largest worldwide, and we actively mine data to identify and anticipate trends, as well as respond to changing demographics and medical advances that may affect health and longevity.

RGA has one of the most experienced underwriting teams of any reinsurer, and the company is the worldwide leader in facultative underwriting, receiving more than 8 million cases since 1979. RGA also offers: 

  • Innovative e-underwriting Solutions to help your organization underwrite better, faster, and with greater consistency. RGA’s flagship underwriting product, AURA, has the strongest underwriting rules service on the market, with thousands of underwriting rules covering impairments, medications, sports, prescription drug histories, avocations and treatments.

  • The Global Underwriting Manual, a comprehensive and easy to use resource. 

  • Benchmarking studies to enable clients to compare underwriting teams with peers throughout the industry. 

  • To discover more about our underwritingcontact us

RGA pioneered the use of reinsurance as a financial management tool and can help you manage your risk and capital through:

  • Capital-Motivated Reinsurance
  • Asset-Intensive/Annuity Reinsurance 

Discover more at Global Financial Solutions or contact us.

  • Facultative
  • Automatic

Discover more about our Life Reinsurance products or contact us.  

  • Life 
  • Accident 
  • Disability

Discover more at our products and services page or contact us.


  • Major Medical Expenses
  • Health
  • Critical Illness
  • Surgery Coverage 

Discover more on our Living Benefits page or contact us.

  • Bancassurance 
  • Product Development

Discover more at our products and services page or contact us.

At RGA, we believe in the power of shared knowledge. We help underwriters and actuaries stay abreast of the latest insights, research and trends through seminars, conferences and training opportunities.

These include RGA’s Global Learning framework as well as newsletters, white papers and articles. Visit the Knowledge Center to learn more. 
We have a strong commitment to the growth and success of the Mexican insurance industry. Our experts played a key role in the Asociación Mexicana de Instituciones de Seguros (AMIS) and are members of numerous insurance and finance organizations.

Comprehensive monitoring and logging systems are in place which allow for a holistic view of the environment. In conjunction with state of the art Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention (IDS/IPS), this allows for swift detection of, and reaction to, any potentially malicious behavior. Externally available services are secured by a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and are regularly subjected to penetration testing allowing vulnerabilities to be detected before they could be exploited. These technologies all tie into detailed incident management and response policies and procedures that are regularly reviewed and improved.



RGA offers in-depth knowledge of local markets, health product trends, and risk conditions in key regions worldwide.

Living Benefits

Demographic changes and medical advances, as well as evolving social benefits programs and associated regulations, continue to increase demand for living benefits products.


With more than $3 trillion of life reinsurance in force, RGA is a global leader in mortality risk. We combine predictive expertise with an emphasis on partnership and tailor solutions to meet specific needs for individual or group insurers on a treaty or facultative basis. 



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