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The Longer Life Foundation

RGA supports scientific research for longer, healthier lives.

At RGA, we believe in the power of shared knowledge. That is why, in 1998, RGA collaborated with the internationally recognized Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis to create the Longer Life Foundation (LLF).

This not-for-profit organization supports innovative, independent, and early-stage research by scientific, medical, and public health experts to improve long-term mortality, enhance longevity, and promote healthier lives. 

In the two decades since its inception, the Longer Life Foundation has funded more than 120 research projects, many of which expanded clinical knowledge in fields as diverse as longevity, genomics, obesity, older-age cognition, heart disease, and cancer. More than 150 publications by LLF-funded researchers have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Indeed, the Longer Life Foundation is unique as an academic-corporate initiative to support fully independent research, the results of which are published for the benefit of the entire medical community. 

The LLF Advisory Group comprises diverse university physicians and researchers, as well as medical directors and underwriting experts from RGA and other life insurance organizations; these individuals evaluate grant proposals and make recommendations to the foundation's Board of Governors  for approval.