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Financial Strength Ratings

RGA SubsidiaryS&P Global Ratings A.M. Best CompanyMoody's Investors Service
RGA Reinsurance
AA- (Very Strong)A+ (Superior)A1 (Good)
RGA Americas Reinsurance 
Company, Ltd.
AA- (Very Strong)A+ (Superior) 
RGA Life Reinsurance
Company of Canada
AA- (Very Strong)A+ (Superior) 
RGA Reinsurance Company
of Australia Limited
AA- (Very Strong)  
RGA International Reinsurance
Company dac    
AA- (Very Strong)  
RGA Global Reinsurance
Company, Ltd.
AA- (Very Strong)  
RGA Reinsurance Company
(Barbados) Ltd.
AA- (Very Strong)  
RGA Atlantic Reinsurance 
Company Ltd. 
 A+ (Superior) 
Omnilife Insurance Company

A+ (Strong)  



S&P Global Ratings: AA- (Very Strong)
Insurers rated in the AA class offer very strong financial security with respect to ability to pay policies and contracts, differing only slightly from those rated higher. To determine a rating, S&P conducts a thorough quantitative and qualitative evaluation of a company’s financial strength.

A.M. Best Company: A+ (Superior)
Awarded to companies which have superior financial strength, operating performance and market profile when compared to the standards established by the A.M. Best Company. A+ companies have a very strong ability to meet ongoing obligations to policyholders.

Moody’s Investors Service: A1 (Good)
Reflects an insurance company’s ability to punctually repay senior policyholder claims and obligations. Insurance companies rated A1 offer good financial security. The ratings are based on industry analysis, regulatory trends and evaluation of the company’s business fundamentals.

Senior Debt Ratings

S&P Global Ratings 

A (Strong)

A.M. Best Company

a- (Strong)

Moody's Investors Service

Baa1 (Medium)