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Financial Strength Ratings

RGA SubsidiaryS&P Global Ratings A.M. Best CompanyMoody's Investors Service
RGA Reinsurance
AA- (Very Strong)A+ (Superior)A1 (Good)
RGA Americas Reinsurance 
Company, Ltd.
AA- (Very Strong)A+ (Superior) 
RGA Life Reinsurance
Company of Canada
AA- (Very Strong)A+ (Superior) 
RGA Reinsurance Company
of Australia Limited
AA- (Very Strong)  
RGA International Reinsurance
Company dac    
AA- (Very Strong)  
RGA Global Reinsurance
Company, Ltd.
AA- (Very Strong)  
RGA Worldwide Reinsurance
Company, Ltd.
AA- (Very Strong)  
RGA Reinsurance Company
(Barbados) Ltd.
AA- (Very Strong)  
RGA Atlantic Reinsurance 
Company Ltd. 
AA- (Very Strong)A+ (Superior) 
Omnilife Insurance Company

A+ (Strong)  
Aurora National Life Assurance Company A+ (Superior) 



S&P Global Ratings: AA- (Very Strong)

An insurer rated AA- by S&P Global Ratings has very strong financial security characteristics, differing only slightly from those rated higher.

A.M. Best Company: A+ (Superior)

An insurer rated A+ by AM Best Company has a superior ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations.

Moody’s Investors Service: A1 (Good)

An insurer rated A1 by Moody’s Investors Service reflects a good ability to pay punctually senior policyholder claims and obligations.

Senior Debt Ratings

S&P Global Ratings 

A (Strong)

A.M. Best Company

a- (Strong)

Moody's Investors Service

Baa1 (Medium)