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ANNEX A – LICAT Public Disclosure Requirements

Companies are required, at minimum, to maintain a Core Ratio of 55% and a Total Ratio of 90%. OSFI has established supervisory target levels of 70% for Core and 100% for Total capital.

Definitions of terms can be found in Guideline A: LICAT Life Insurance Capital Adequacy Test.

(thousands of dollars, except percentages)

  Current Period
Available Capital (AC1 +B) (AC) 1,207,073
Tier 1 Capital (AC1)  
Tier 2 Capital B  
Surplus Allowance and Eligible Deposits (SA + ED) 4,782,439
Base Solvency Buffer (BSB) 4,797,052
Total Ratio ([AC + SA + ED]/BSB) x 100  125%
Core Ratio ([AC1 + 70% SA + 70% ED] / BSB) x 100  89%