Colin M. DeForge

Vice President
U.S. Underwriting
U.S. Individual Life

Colin DeForge started with RGA in August 2015. He is Vice President, Underwriting where he supports the midsize accounts team within U.S. Facultative Underwriting and U.S. Individual Life Business Development. He previously served as Executive Director, Underwriting, Fac Exclusive where he led RGA’s ASAP (Automatic Selection and Assessment Program) team. Beyond his regular day to day underwriting responsibilities, Colin manages a team of underwriters and is lead for RGA’s Fraud and Criminal History Specialty Team and part of RGA’s Fraud Conference planning committee.

Prior to joining the RGA, Colin was Director, Individual Life Underwriting Shared Services at Voya Financial™. In addition to managing the relationship between underwriting related vendors, Colin managed the Policy Owner Service underwriting team, the Personal History Interview team, and had many other responsibilities including fraud prevention and underwriting metrics reporting.

Prior to joining Voya Financial, Colin worked for Phoenix Life Insurance Company, where he ultimately served as Underwriting Manager, Advanced Risk Selection Specialist but also held various positions within Phoenix’s underwriting and life new business operations.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and minors in Neuropsychology and Business Management and is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He previously served on the Executive Board of the Hartford/Springfield Underwriting Association as President and Treasurer.