Headshot of Craig Armstrong

Craig Armstrong


Director, Actuarial Analytics
Risk and Behavioral Science

Craig Armstrong is a Director on RGA’s Risk and Behavioral Science team. As an experienced actuary and data scientist with a strong background in analytics and research, Craig leverages cutting-edge data science and analytics methodologies to provide valuable insights and tools to various teams within RGA, with a particular focus on mortality improvements. Most notably, Craig has worked on projects involving post-pandemic assumption-setting, trend-related economic capital, and analysis of excess mortality in the U.K. Craig leads the team responsible for the training and development of data scientists across RGA.

Before joining RGA in 2022, Craig worked at Aviva, where he led a team of data scientists and actuaries who provided support to the protection business, including trading and underwriting. Before that, Craig was a longevity actuary focused on R&D and future improvements.

Before embarking on a career as an actuary, Craig was an academic researcher. He obtained his Ph.D. from the lab of Prof. Dek Woolfson at the University of Bristol, where he worked on protein design. He also held postdoctoral research positions with Prof. Ross Anderson and Prof. Richard Denton FRS at the University of Bristol. Craig is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) in the U.K.