Eric Kitowski

Executive Director (former)
Strategy & Innovation
U.S. and Latin America Markets

Eric Kitowski is Executive Director of USLA Strategy & Innovation Associate in the U.S. and Latin America division. Prior to that, he served as Project Manager with RGAX, the wholly-owned subsidiary and innovation accelerator for Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA). RGAx was established to enable the rapid testing, commercializing, and scaling of
business opportunities in the life insurance market. 

Before moving to RGAX, Eric was a Project Team Lead with RGA Reinsurance Company, RGA’s principal operating subsidiary, for AURA, RGA’s proprietary e-underwriting software solution. His responsibilities included planning and overseeing AURA implementations around the world as well as managing the development of software updates and new capabilities.

Prior to joining RGA, Eric was with MasterCard as an Emerging Payments Technology Specialist, where he provided support to clients for products including MasterPass, MoneySend, and The MasterCard Mobile Payments Gateway. Previously, Eric served as a Corporal, Team Leader in the Marine Corps Infantry, with deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Eric’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in business administration and management is from Lindenwood University.