Heather Pressler

Heather Pressler

Associate Marketing Underwriter
Healthcare Turnkey

Heather Pressler is an associate marketing underwriter with RGA’s Managed Care Turnkey unit. She is responsible for accessing the current health and wellness of self-insured groups. Heather focuses on protecting employer groups from excessive financial losses due to health-related claims.

Heather joined RGA in 2014. She is the co-lead of EveryMind@RGA, an employee resource group for neurodivergent individuals and allies, and leads the employee education subcommittee responsible for bringing neurodiversity awareness and resources to the RGA workforce.

Before joining RGA, Heather worked as a workers’ compensation coordinator at a regional occupational health clinic. She received a B.A. in individualized studies with a focus in entrepreneurship. Heather is currently enrolled at Centenary University working towards a M.A. in organizational leadership.

Heather is the founder of Unsilent Night, a spoken word collective that provides a safe platform for survivors of sexual violence to regain their sense of agency and control by expressing their feelings without shame or judgement.