John Rutherford


Senior Vice President, Head of Global Health
RGA Global Health

John Rutherford is Senior Vice President – Head of Global Health, where he leads RGA’s global, multidisciplinary team of health specialists. The group supports health initiatives around the globe, with a primary focus on medical reimbursement benefits.

John is based in London and has worked at RGA for more than 20 years, dedicating more than a dozen years to health and medical business lines. He began his career in the U.K. direct insurance market before transitioning to reinsurance in 1997. He was among the founding members of RGA’s U.K. office and held senior roles at the RGA South Africa office, including serving as Chief Actuary of the international health business. In 2018, John returned to the U.K. to become Senior Vice President - Head of Global Health. 

John brings a wide range of experience across multiple insurance products and has specialized in the international and global health markets since 2007. 

John is a qualified actuary with the Institute of Actuaries in the United Kingdom.