Jonathan Hughes

Head of Strategic Development and Marketing
Jonathan Hughes, Head of Strategic Development and Marketing, EMEA, leads the development and supports the execution of the region's strategy, leads RGA EMEA’s strategic marketing initiatives, and manages the region’s innovation-linked investment portfolio.

Since joining RGA in 2013, he has held a variety of roles within the region and at RGAX, the transformation engine of RGA where he led our innovation efforts working with life insurers, distributors and insurtechs as Managing Director of RGAX EMEA. Prior to RGA, he spent over ten years in life reinsurance and actuarial consultancy, including roles leading pricing teams; managing a data-driven research team of actuaries, underwriters and data analysts; developing a longevity swap proposition; and consulting on occupational pension schemes.

Jonathan qualified as an actuary in 2006, regularly speaks at industry events in EMEA and beyond, and actively participates in industry bodies such as the Continuous Mortality Investigation, where he is currently Deputy Chair and Chief Financial Officer.