Scott Sibley


Vice President, SUP Capacity
U.S. Underwriting
U.S. Mortality Markets

Scott Sibley is Vice President, SUP Capacity at RGA Reinsurance Company. His current role is focused primarily on growth of the Strategic Underwriting Program and to help ensure RGA profitability while meeting the client’s underwriting needs. He previously oversaw RGA’s ASAP program and helped lead the build of ASAP Infinity. He also specializes in underwriting genetics, professional athletes and avocations. Scott has worked closely with multiple IT teams to help develop system enhancements to our underwriting systems. He has participated in underwriter training, client audits, and is a member of the manual committee. He also helps develop the OTR FALU quiz questions.

Prior to joining RGA in 2012, Scott worked as a lab and pharmacy technician for Monsanto and Walgreen's.

Scott received a Bachelor of Science in biology with an emphasis in microbiology/biotechnology from Missouri State University.  He is a Fellow, Academy of Life Underwriting (FALU); a Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI); an Associate Customer Services (ACS), and an Associate of Reinsurance Administration (ARA).