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Global Financial Solutions

RGA's simple – but powerful – idea? Reinsurance is an incredibly flexible capital and risk management solution.

RGA helps our clients see what others can't.
We pioneered financial reinsurance, and our team continues to lead the industry in delivering  capital efficiency and promoting long-term stability.

How? Our process is simple: We combine broad and deep understanding of specific capital needs with knowledge of local markets and global best practices. Explore Global Financial Solutions careers at RGA, and learn more about RGA's Global Financial Solutions leadership.


GFS North America

For 30+ years, RGA's GFS North America team has built a record of groundbreaking transactions.  
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RGA's EMEA and UK GFS team serve clients from major financial centers across Europe. 
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GFS Asia Pacific

RGA’s GFS team has deep experience developing innovative risk- and capital-management solutions. 
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