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ReCap Asset Management


ReCap offers flexible solutions with centralized control.  Underwriting, legal, closing, servicing and portfolio management teams are based in the ReCap St. Louis, Mo., headquarters.

Asset Characteristics
As of March 2022 (Dollars in Millions)

Office $ 1,69925.8% 
Retail $ 2,22733.8% 
Industrial $  1,45122.0% 
Apartment $     85913.0% 
Other $   3475.3% 
Grand Total $ 6,583 100% 

All data comes from publicly available 10-Q SEC filings.

Principal by Property Sector 

recap-image-1 Recap Image 1

Commercial Mortgage Loan Growth
FY 2012 (4Q 2011) - As of March 31, 2022 (In Thousands)
All data comes from publicly available 10-Q SEC filings.


Ongoing Surveillance / Portfolio Management

  • Borrower, collateral and tenant analysis performed yearly
  • Financial report submission
  • Portfolio Risk Analysis (PRA)
  • Delinquency resolution and recovery


  • MAI appraisal analysis (USPAP-compliant appraisers)
  • Annual re-value of market analysis
  • Impaired loan collateral valuation

recap-image-2 recap image 2 recap image 3 recap image 4