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Our Sustainability

RGA embraces our responsibility to operate sustainably and with integrity.

At RGA, we embrace our responsibility as a corporate leader to support sustainable, environmentally friendly business practices and to invest responsibly.  

  • Operating in a Sustainable Manner: RGA's headquarters, based in Chesterfield, Missouri, was constructed in line with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold requirements. To qualify for this prestigious certification, the state-of-the-art building achieves high energy and environmental efficiencies through sophisticated automation that collects information from hundreds of data points, automatically adjusting to optimize operations. The building also operates an advanced rainwater collection system that uses bioretention ponds to naturally filter and clean the water runoff from the site. Landscaping includes native grasses and plants to minimize the use of irrigation and offer a biodiverse wildlife habitat.

    RGA also seeks to contract with sustainable food suppliers and other vendors, and has implemented energy-efficient and waste reduction technologies and techniques at our offices around the world. Employee-led "green" committees have undertaken initiatives to reduce paper and plastic consumption and implement robust recycling efforts.