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Data and Analytics Ethics Framework:
Guiding Principles

RGA's Data and Analytics Ethics Framework guides the company's approach to data protection and use.

RGA's Data and Analytics Ethics Framework offers a set of guiding principles designed to ensure RGA acts in the best interests of clients, business partners, regulators, investors, and individuals. These principles will be revisited, amended, and updated as the industry, regulatory, and ethical landscape dictates. ​​​​​​​

Proper Use of Data Practices: Data Utilization Prioritizes Fairness and Equity

  • RGA believes that the ethical acquisition and analysis of data has the power to advance our industry and society at large.
  • RGA practices and promotes a culture of on-going oversight and analysis to ensure that any data attribute being used is not unfairly discriminatory.
  • RGA does not knowingly process information obtained through nefarious means, or make decisions based on race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or political beliefs.
  • RGA ensures that any party we are sending data to, or receiving data from, upholds a high standard of ethical practices for all data handling activities.
  • RGA does not license or sell any of our client or employee data.
  • RGA evaluates all components of the analytics process for fairness, including paying specific attention to monitoring the model outcomes and impact.

Data Operating Practices: Data Management Activities Ensure Privacy and Transparency

  • RGA follows a high standard of legal and regulatory requirements, while maintaining a global view, and attentively considering potential consequences to  our stakeholders.
  • RGA sets and adheres to a high standard of integrity and care as it pertains to the transmission, storage, use, and auditing of data
  • RGA is dedicated to protecting individuals’ privacy by de-personalizing datasets whenever possible and maintaining secure processes and information systems.
  • RGA employs a multi-layered series of checks and balances to ensure access to data is on a 'need to use' basis and within the purview of each dataset’s contractual rights.
  • RGA is transparent with our stakeholders regarding how we handle the data processing activities our business requires.