Wellness Partnership Series

From Ideas to Action: RGA and insurers partner to create uniquely tailored health and wellness products and services

Digital Wellness Toolkit

A behavioral science toolkit that drives better wellness outcomes

Matt Battersby, Vice President and Chief Behavioural Scientist; Peter Hovard, Lead Behavioural Scientist, GDA; Rosmery Cruz, Senior Data Scientist, GDA

With more than 350,000 health and wellness apps in the marketplace, wellness is clearly a rapidly evolving space. But how many of these change behaviors or create lasting, healthy habits? RGA set out to identify what makes a wellness program successful, and the main challenges insurers face when designing their wellness programs. We created a toolkit that helps insurers plan, design, and evaluate their digital wellness programs and apps based on behavioural science – on how their customers actually think and behave, not on how they are expected to behave. We can help identify key objectives for your team, leaning into the most effective ways of attracting users, creating engagement, delivering results, and removing health barriers.

Wellness Partnership Series

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