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Australia and New Zealand

RGA Reinsurance Company of Australia Limited
RGA Reinsurance Company of Australia Limited, New Zealand Branch                                                                                       

RGA entered the Australia and New Zealand markets in 1996 on the strength of the company’s facultative underwriting. The company soon added comprehensive reinsurance products and services lines, including retail, group and financial solutions. In less than a decade, RGA was conducting business with all of the major life insurers in Australia and New Zealand.  Today, RGA is among the leading life reinsurers in the region. RGA was ranked #1 by ceding companies on NMG Consulting’s 2019 All Respondent Business Capability Index in Australia and New Zealand.

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Office Leadership

  • Stewart_Mark

    Mark Stewart

    Managing Director
    Australia and New Zealand

    RGA Australia


RGA Reinsurance Company of Australia Limited
Grosvenor Place, Level 23
225 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
T 61.2.8264.5800
F 61.2.8264.5999

Level 7
180 Flinders Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
T 61.2.8264.5800
F 61.2.8264.5999


RGA Reinsurance Company of Australia Limited
New Zealand Branch
Regus Centre
Level 6, 1 Willis Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand
T 64.4.473.8868



RGA has one of the most experienced underwriting teams of any reinsurer; the company is the worldwide leader in facultative underwriting, receiving more than 8 million cases since 1979.

  • RGA offers the highly regarded Global Underwriting Manual, an Internet-based underwriting manual that is updated regularly based on the latest research. 
  • AURA NEXT is a decision-management platform powered by RGA's underwriting and analytics expertise. Realize the significant benefits of fast, flexible, and reliable automated underwriting.
  • RGA’s Australia and New Zealand team consists of consultant doctors dedicated to the region. These physicians are specialists in numerous fields, contribute significant underwriting and research capabilities, and are supported by a global network of consultant-doctors. 
  • RGA also provides benchmarking studies to enable clients to compare underwriting teams with peers throughout the industry. 

Learn more on our underwriting page or meet the team.

RGA Australia and New Zealand initiated the Claims Management Paradigm Shift to raise disability assessment standards and improve outcomes for claims adjudicators industrywide. RGA claims and legal experts educate insurers through published articles and industry presentations, and worked directly with clients’ claims professionals to implement best practices and sustainable arrangements.

At RGA, we believe in the power of shared knowledge. In addition to the Claims Management Paradigm Shift, RGA:  

  • Presents the latest insights, research and trends to client underwriters and actuaries through conferences and training opportunities.
  • Offers the Learning Gateway framework, a proven risk management training program that can be tailored for underwriting, claims and related personnel at all experience levels.
  • Supports the growth and success of the Australian and New Zealand insurance industries through participation in numerous insurance-related organizations and associations.

Visit the Knowledge Center to learn more about RGA’s research and insights. 

The Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010 requires RGA Reinsurance Company of Australia Limited (“RGAA”) to maintain a solvency margin. Under an exemption granted by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, this solvency margin is to be calculated in accordance with the Australian equivalent of the solvency requirements and for the statutory fund containing the life insurance business carried on in New Zealand (all of the New Zealand business is included in RGAA Statutory Fund No. 2).

As at 30 June 2022, the Prescribed Capital Amount (“PCA”) required to be held by RGAA Statutory Fund No. 2 under the Australian capital standards was NZ$14.4m. The capital available to meet this requirement was NZ$43.2m, which was NZ$28.8m in excess of the PCA. The Australian equivalent of the solvency margin was therefore AU$26.1m. The available capital was 3.01 times the PCA. 

The above amounts are based on unaudited returns to the Australian regulator effective 30 June 2022.