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South Korea
RGA Reinsurance Company


MIchael Shin
Michael Shin

Senior Vice President
RGA Hong Kong
Chief Executive Officer
RGA Korea
Chief Marketing Officer
RGA Asia


Michael Shin is Chief Executive Officer, RGA Korea, and Senior Vice President, RGA Hong Kong, with executive oversight responsibility for all of RGA’s business activities in South Korea and Hong Kong. He is also Chief Marketing Officer for RGA Asia, with responsibility for all marketing activities in RGA’s Asia Pacific region.

His insurance industry experience spans nearly three decades. Prior to joining RGA in 2011, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Distribution Officer of New York Life Korea (now ACE Life), where his duties included being Head of Agency Distribution, Marketing, Product Design and Corporate Communication. He was also with Samsung Life Insurance South Korea, where he was Corporate Vice President, Channel Strategy and Planning, and Senior Vice President and Chief of Advisors and Financial Planning Center. Earlier, he spent more than 15 years with Prudential Financial Insurance, where he was Managing Director for the Asia market.

Michael received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in economics and international business from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.


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