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  • May 2015
  • 18:13 minutes

Electronic Health Records Data Webcast - Are You Ready?

In Brief

RGA discusses Electronic Health Records with respect to life insurance, current initiatives, and strategies for data utilization.

Electronic health records (EHRs) are having a huge impact on the life insurance industry. RGA has dedicated resources monitoring this space and developing tools to leverage EHRs in the sale of insurance.  In our second webcast covering EHRs, RGA will discuss our vision for  EHRs with respect to life insurance, current initiatives related to these records and strategies for utilization of structured and unstructured data from electronic medical data sources.  This webcast will also include an update on EHR adoption, meaningful use and interoperability in the United States.  

If you would like to discuss this webcast further please e-mail us at: CMSTeam@rgare.com

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Dave Snell
Technology Evangelist (ret.)