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  • September 2023
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Evaluating the Accuracy of Mortality Risk Scores: An RGA Analysis

  • Guizhou Hu
  • Hezhong (Mark) Ma
  • Taylor Pickett
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In Brief
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With the increasing push to incorporate healthcare administrative data into life insurance underwriting, carriers are taking an increasingly greater interest in the values of risk scores developed from those types of data. But how should they evaluate these scores? 

Consider Milliman IntelliScript®, a commercial risk-scoring product providing scores on top of an existing data feed. As Milliman technology has evolved over the years, the scores were meant to be more accurate than the previous version through better modeling and integration of additional data inputs. However, a widely accepted methodology and metrics for evaluating the accuracy of such mortality risk scores is yet to be established. 

In their most recent white paper, RGA experts Guizhou Hu, Mark Ma, and Taylor Pickett use Milliman risk scores as examples to introduce two risk score accuracy concepts that have been widely documented and applied in statistical literature. Read the white paper.


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Join us as we celebrate a remarkable five-decade journey and look ahead.

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Meet the Authors & Experts

Guizhou Hu
Guizhou Hu
Vice President, Head of Risk Analytics,  Global Underwriting, Claims, and Medical, RGA
Mark Ma
Hezhong (Mark) Ma
Vice President and Managing Actuary USMM Business Initiatives  
Taylor Pickett
Taylor Pickett
Actuary, Pricing, U.S. Mortality Markets, RGA