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  • June 2010
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Exploring family takaful's evolving landscape

Islamic banking
In Brief
As the appetite for family takaful grows, its underwriting principles and conventions are facing closer scrutiny.

Mr. Ezamshah Ismail and Dr. Ahcene Lahsasna, both council members of the Shariah Advisory Council of the RGA Global Reinsurance Co. Ltd Labuan Branch Retakaful Window, examine family takaful's strengths, and how it can serve its core market while continuing to evolve to serve a broader constituency. 

  • For a deeper look at this topic, please see: Middle East Update: Understanding Takaful
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    Ahcene Lahsasna
    Member RGA, Labuan Shariah Advisory Council, RGA Global Reinsurance Co Ltd, Labuan Branch Retakaful Window

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    Reprinted with permission of The Asia Insurance Review (AIR)