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  • June 2023
  • 7:41 minutes

Five Facts to Know About Alternative Evidence

In Brief
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Not all alternative evidence is created equal. While digital underwriting has become more common, there are things underwriters should know about speed, cost, and quality of alternative evidence – as well as what the future is likely to hold.

In this video, RGA's Jackie Waas defines what is meant by "alternative evidence," explains why it is important, and addresses five key questions:

  • Is all alternative evidence equal? 
  • What is the variability in formatting? 
  • What is misunderstood about the value of alternative evidence? 
  • Should underwriters view alternative evidence as a stopgap for the pandemic? 
  • What is the value of medical history and how can digital health data provide it?

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Join us as we celebrate a remarkable five-decade journey and look ahead.

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Meet the Authors & Experts

Jacqueline Waas
Director, Underwriting Research and Development