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  • September 2019
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ReFlections Volume 48, September 2019

  • Dr. Newman Harris
  • Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman
  • Dr. Lisa Duckett
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Alzheimer's disease, Amyloid plaques aggregates, 3d illustration
In Brief
Explore chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, the influenza vaccine and more.

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Adela Osman is joining the ReFlections editorial team as Assistant Editor. Adela, who is Chief Medical Research Officer, RGA Reinsurance Company of South Africa Limited, has been a valuable member of RGA’s medical team for three years. She has more than nine years of experience in the insurance medicine field, most recently specializing in product development. We look forward to her leadership and contributions in the years to come.

A special thank-you goes out to Peter Barrett as he steps down from his service as co-editor of ReFlections over the last three years. He will continue in his busy U.K.-based role as Senior Vice President, Head of Global Support Team Underwriting, Claims and Medical Support, RGA. This issue has several interesting and informative articles. First up is Part II of Dr. Newman L. Harris’s (Consultant CMO, RGA Australia) interesting and detailed exploration of ICD-11’s new approach to classifying chronic pain – information critical for insurance medicine professionals. Also in this issue is an examination and update of the diagnostic and therapeutic modalities of Alzheimer’s disease from Dr. Lisa Duckett, Vice President and Medical Director, U.S. Mortality Markets, RGA. This is Dr. Duckett’s second article in ReFlections in which she adds significant information and insight. We present a Brief Report from Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Director, Global Support Team, RGA, on the latest developments in ongoing efforts to create a universal flu vaccine – a topic of extreme interest to insurers worldwide.

The Longer Life Foundation (LLF) page features an interview with Bettina Mittendorfer, Ph.D., the new director of LLF’s Longevity Research Program (LRP). Dr. Mittendorfer’s career-long focus on nutrition’s impact on health is a great match for LRP’s mission, which she plans to broaden to encompass how obesity affects a range of disease states.

image of kneepain with image of knee superimposed over human figure
Part II: Proposed New Classification and Nomenclature for Chronic Pain
Puzzle pieces and Cognitive decline
The Changing Face of Alzheimer's Disease: Current Knowledge, Areas of Research Interests, Drug Development
The Elusive Universal Influenza Vaccine – Are We Any Closer?
A physician analyzing a case
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Dr. Newman Harris
Dr. Newman Harris

Consultant Psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer, RGA Australia (ret.)
Associate Professor, Griffith University School of Medicine, Senior Visiting Medical Officer, Pain Management and Research Institute of the University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital,
Senior Staff Specialist in Pain Management, Gold Coast University Hospital

Dan Zimmerman
Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman
Senior Vice President, Chief Science Advisor
Dr. Lisa Duckett
Vice President and Medical Director (ret.), U.S. Mortality Markets, RGA