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Regional Marketing in Asia | Queenie Choi

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In Brief
In this Inside RGA Q&A, Queenie Choi, Chief Commercial Officer, Asian Markets, shares why she’s passionate about the life and health insurance industry, how she plans to achieve her goals for growth, and what she believes sets RGA apart in the region.

What makes you passionate about the life and health insurance industry?

Ever since I started my career more than 20 years ago, an underlying motivation has been to create products that address coverage needs and provide protection for underserved demographics. RGA’s purpose to make financial protection accessible to all perfectly aligns with my personal motivations. The unique combination of technical expertise, highly collaborative culture, and global reach at RGA makes me eager to play my part in helping RGA fulfill this noble purpose.

What are your goals in your role at RGA?

I have three focus areas: 

  • Strengthening RGA’s brand leadership in Asian markets through effective communications, including representation at industry events
  • Building and maintaining relationships with key decision-makers at client companies, particularly at the regional level, and supporting business developers in maximizing opportunities across local markets
  • Empowering local product development teams to formulate propositions relevant to their markets by ensuring knowledge and ideas are shared throughout the organization

What opportunities do you see in the region?

Asia has always been a very dynamic collection of markets with varying opportunities. In addition to mature markets like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea, fast-growing markets like China, Southeast Asia, and India offer particularly fertile ground for testing new ideas and targeting new customer segments. Protection needs continue to increase and diversify as societies age and become more conscious of health and healthcare, with varying expectations among financial demographics ranging from wealthy to emerging customer segments.

With RGA’s market-leading capabilities and talent, I am confident we are in an ideal position to help our clients and partners achieve their ambitions. By combining traditional underwriting and actuarial expertise with cutting-edge technology and data analytics, we can help insurers grow their business faster – and speed to market is particularly important in Asia. Being able to offer products and solutions that help expedite the development process is a real competitive advantage for both RGA and our clients.

Furthermore, RGA leverages the ideas, successes, and learnings of our global network to help build and commercialize solutions relevant to local needs. Every project is a chance to learn. Our established platforms allow knowledge sharing throughout the enterprise, and our technical teams are well-equipped to build new, exclusive products for the end-customer that bring operational and commercial impact to our clients’ business.

What sets RGA apart from competitors in the region?

Since joining the company, I have heard many people refer to RGA’s culture as “humble” – not a word I have often heard used to describe a company’s culture in my career. But I now see how it fits the RGA way of doing business. In my view, what sets RGA apart from competitors in the region is our pragmatic business approach, our market-leading expertise, our exceptional talent pool, and – above all – our willingness to be humble enough to really listen to our clients and to collaborate with them to create truly innovative products and solutions. 

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