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  • November 2011
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Reinsurance Capacity on the Rise

  • Ashraf Al Azzouni
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In Brief
Undeterred by the financial turmoil and attracted to the region’s relatively benign catastrophe climate, global reinsurers are continuing to expand from their regional bases in the DIFC.

It introduced war and terrorism capacity this year and is set to launch professional indemnity covers for architects and engineers. At the beginning of 2011, ACE Insurance Management opened its doors for business in the DIFC’s Currency Tower. It has since expanded its floor area and employs more than 10. RGA's Ashraf Al Azzouni comments on the expansion of the reinsurance market in the Middle East. 

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Ashraf Al Azzouni
Ashraf Al Azzouni
Managing Director, RGA Middle East


Printed with permission from the Middle East Insurance Review.