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RGA's 2022 Surveys Round-Up and Trends to Watch

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In Brief
Learn more about the latest trends and developments in life and health insurance by exploring findings from RGA’s 2022 surveys. 

Want to better understand the latest trends and developments in the life and health insurance industry?

Findings from RGA’s 2022 portfolio of surveys can help insurance leaders understand the past and better prepare for 2023 and beyond. Topics range from the continuing impacts of COVID-19, evolving approaches to digitalization, distribution topics, health insurance ecosystems, regional and market specific product development initiatives, and user satisfaction with underwriting and claims manuals.


  • The pandemic continues to shape the insurance industry – resulting in new product offerings, business opportunities, and underwriting adjustments to processes, guidelines, and risks. In addition, COVID-19 continues to have regional differences for insurance products, underwriting guidelines, and claims volumes.
  • Technological developments such as photoplethysmography, have led to advances in biometric data collection. However, there are still perception challenges related to data transmission, accuracy, and integrity which vary by demographic group and region.
  • Insurers in South Africa and Latin America are developing products leveraging bank data and are continuing digital customer engagement practices brought about by the pandemic. Consumers demand improved processing and application rates which is challenged by IT limitations.
  • Data management and operating models for Health Insurance Ecosystems (HIEs) are considered game changers for Latin America. In order to make HIEs work, there are many opportunities to improve costs, health, and engagement through better data transmission and integration, fewer restrictions, and improved stakeholder inclusion.
  • When it comes to underwriting manuals, users want fast response times, stability, and reliability, as well as easy-to-use medical, laboratory, financial guidelines, and value-added calculators. Users of claims manuals want quality content, with the right level of detail, usefulness, and relevance.

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