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RGActual March 2022 Issue: It's all about the why!

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In Brief

Explore RGActual, a new magazine covering innovation, experience, and development for insurance professionals. In this issue, learn about the latest trends, projects, and product innovations from around the world influencing our industry.

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Staying relevant is crucial in this rapidly changing world, and that is only possible if we stay in touch: with one another, with our partners, and with the world around us. That is why we are reaching out with this new magazine. 

In the following pages, we explore the latest trends influencing our industry and the innovative ways RGA and its partners are rising to challenges. How has COVID-19 impacted claims management? What are the newest developments in wellness? How can we best manage the risks of the aging population, and will the digitization of mental health offer new opportunities? And of course, you can read about some of the latest exciting projects and products we’ve been involved in. 

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Meet the Authors & Experts

Erin Crump
Erin Crump
Vice President Business Initiatives, RGA International Re