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Technology in Claims – 2019 Global Claims Survey

  • Marilda Kotze
  • Philip Thomas
  • Leigh Allen
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In Brief

RGA has conducted a global survey of technology use in claims, spanning 107 companies. To learn more about RGA's key findings, download the full report or get the highlights in our infographic. Learn more about: 

  • The adoption of technology in the claims process
  • A comparison with underwriting
  • Future technology innovations to be expected in the claims function
  • Overall summary and conclusions drawn from the responses
Digital technology is everywhere. Most of us carry smartphones, many count steps on wearable devices, and growing numbers are just as likely to communicate with a chatbot as a person when seeking an online service. 
It's a brave new world, and examples of such advanced technologies are plentiful in the insurance industry. Yet, there is little evidence to suggest these innovations are widely used to facilitate the life claims process. RGA surveyed insurers from around the world to measure this assumption and determine how many life insurers had integrated technology into claims processing or have plans to do so. The results were eye-opening: out of 107 respondents 52% offered multichannel policyholder access including mobile applications and only 35% of respondents make digital claims functionality available to policyholders. 
When it came to decision making and risk management, technology adoption among claims personnel lagged behind that of their underwriting counterparts, with just 26% employing an expert claims system. Only 3% added an element of artificial intelligence (A.I.) or machine learning, and all of these companies were located in Asia. Another interesting finding: Most of these companies with expert claims systems suggested the technology was ineffective, despite 70% of these systems having been developed in-house. At the same time, such systems offer clear benefits in the form of reduced end-to-end processing times and an improved customer experience. Similar trends were found among responding underwriters. 

Looking forward, change may be on the horizon. Nearly two-thirds of respondents are seeking to introduce new or additional technology into the claims process and almost half plan to deploy new technologies on or before 2020.  Companies are relying on expert systems, A.I./machine learning, and chatbots as part of technology strategies, and respondents also reported interest in wearables as a claims solution. 

Only time will tell which technology strategies will confer a competitive advantage in claims, but the rising trend seems clear.

To learn more about RGA's key findings, download the full report or get the highlights in our infographic

To learn more about RGA's key findings, download the full report

Meet the Authors & Experts

Marilda Kotze
Marilda Kotze
Vice President, Global Head of Claims, RGA South Africa
Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas
Executive Director, Global Claims, Governance, RGA
Leign Allen
Leigh Allen
Associate Vice President, Strategic Survey Research, Global Actuarial Pricing and Research