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  • October 2022
  • 52 minutes

Global Perspectives on Suicide: Data, Risk and Prevention

  • Erin Crump
  • John MacBeth
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In Brief

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Understanding suicide mortality requires a deep understanding and analysis of available population data and studies. Dennis Barnes, RGA Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer and RGAX Chief Executive Officer, moderated the session around this critical topic, including the evolving impact from COVID. He was joined by his colleagues Erin Crump, Vice President of Business Initiatives, and Scott Rushing, Vice President and Actuary, Head of Risk and Behavioral Science, who spoke about key data surrounding the topic of suicide and some of the trends and analysis their teams are currently exploring. 

In addition, John MacBeth, CEO of TryCycle Data Systems, shared his insights and experience, particularly on his recent work with a youth suicide prevention program for Indigenous communities in Canada.   

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Meet the Authors & Experts

Erin Crump
Erin Crump
Vice President Business Initiatives, RGA International Re
John MacBeth
John MacBeth
Chief Executive Officer, TryCycle Data Systems